Well damn! I missed posting yesterday as was planned but life just seems to get in the way at times… lol.. so, i’m just going to post for Day 4and Day 5 here on t his post.

I’m still lovin’ running barefoot… NO KNEE PAIN…!!! Wooot… i know it’s only been a few days and not very long distances but i’m totally excited about it.

Day 5: Wow.. woke up this morning feeling fantastic… no soreness in my feet, toes or calves… calves were a little tight so did some mild stretching to loosen things up before my run this morning. This day and 2 more at my 1/2 mile distance… hmmm.. curious though… not sure if it’s good or not to run every day… didn’t really occur to me that it might not be a good thing.. but at such a short distance i don’t think it’s a bad thing…

I’m totally listening to my body now a days… and it’s been telling me .. things are OK… and i should continue running each day… so… i’m listening… is that good advice.. don’t know.. but for me it’s working… if you are reading this.. i think you really have to listen to your body.. it will tell you if things are good or not… just pay attention! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Here’s a good article … if you like to read and learn that is… http://therunningbarefoot.com/?page_id=455#the-benefit-of-pain (from Barefoot Ken Bob)…

Barefoot Ken Bob site (The Running Barefoot)

The Running Barefoot site

Ok.. anyways, getting back to my morning run… same 1/2 mile distance.. but i just felt really good this morning… so i start off and my pace just picked up… once again … i’m concentrating on my LEG LIFT and PELVIS LEVELING… but my cadence was much quicker… not real sure why it just was…i wasn’t trying to work on time… just form and posture… as i’m running… i’m always listening to my body… mainly my knees as they have suffered the most over the years of sports…. mainly running but also bull-riding… i rode amateur or 6 years.. then pro for 2… Wow!! what a ride that was… a total adrenaline rush!!! LOL… but that’s a young mans sport as you need to be able to HEAL REAL FAST!!! Damn.. there i go getting off track once again… sorry all… so.. as i finish up… I’m breathing a bit harder than i have been the last couple days… and my feet are ….hmmm… what are they… they just feel a little more HOT than usual…. go figure!!!ย  i made that lap in 4:24! Yep… cut off just about a minute and didn’t even realize it… i love running barefoot!!!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Well.. that’s all for now… i know this my get a little monotonous but i really wanted to find something like this when i was doing my research… so that’s how this came about… this blog will not keep going this way…but for the first week or so.. i think it’s important for newbies to see what someone might go through as they are learning this great new sport… new??? NAW… been this way for millions of years.. but NEW TO ME!! lol… ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  peace….

Day 4: I started out with a little better clip this morning and just enjoying the weather. I’m running around 7:00am and it ‘s just a great time to run here in Las Vegas! Not very hot.. a bit chilly in the morning but not cold. Does it ever get cold here?? lol.. most people would say no as we only get snow here about every 10 years or so! But, if you’ve lived here a long time then it does get cold to me! But not right now… usually later into Nov. thru Jan…. great right now though. Anyways, still concentrating on LIFTING my LEGS!!! and keeping my pelvis level. For me, this is trying… not that it’s hard..but i find that i fall into the same old patterns of running i’ve done… I really really want to change, so i’m concentrating on that aspect of my form right now. Still at my 1/2 mile… told ya i was going to go slow… it seems to be

Pinole and Chia Seed Recipes!

Pinole and Chia Seed Recipes!

working… don’t have a lot of soreness or discomfort… there is some but it’s not bad…. ended up running my distance today in 5:24… an increase that i felt good about… and so did my body… I hope, if you are a beginner like me.. you watched the videos below… i think they are good and they helped put me on the right path… well, as far as i know that is.. hehehe…

Hey… here’s a link to a website that has some Chia Seed and Pinole recipes. This guys also sells a book.. i think it’s like $11 buck or so for more …. just so you know… I DO NOT GET ANY MONEY from these links… i just found them and thought i’d share with anyone that reads this…. I am NOT an AFFILITATE!! ok… nough said…ย  http://www.nomeatathlete.com/homemade-energy-bars/ this looks like a good recipe for a power bar of sorts… now.. for me… i am definitely a meat eater… sorry, i just like a good stake or chicken… but to each their own!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ OH.. here’s the link to his book if you are interested… http://pinolerecipes.com/